Charcoal or Gas BBQ ???

    which one is better for getting a nice BBQ flavour out on those chicken wings ??

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    charcoal with a dusting of wood...

    Gas just tastes like... Gas?

    Charcoal every time with a little oak sawdust on the coals it's very good mmmmm:thumbsup:

    Charcoal all the time - gas is for amateurs.


    Charcoal all the time - gas is for amateurs.

    whack those wings on the coals all day long... mmmm

    that reminds me, i'm going to one this afternoon :-D

    they use charcoal :thumbsup: comparison:thumbsup:

    Hmmmm....charcoal does give a better flavour but gas WORKS every time and you can go on cooking for hours.

    i have a gas one and tried the coal things that are supposed to add flavour (sorry can't remember the name) but they don't work, charcoal every time from now on.

    charcoal, if you use gas you may as well use the kitchen hob

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    BIG THANKS to everyone ~ Very surprised , No one said "GAS" !!!!~ as they cost over £100 !!!! ..............So it looks like Charcoal is the clear winner.:whistling:

    Rep Given to everyone.:prop

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