Charge to change Reg plate number ??

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Found 22nd Jul 2007
Ok when i bought our new car it had the previous lady's private reg plate on it, iv now had the documents, tax disc etc to change it back to the original plate so she can have hers back.....

Iv just been on to swift top change the reg plate details on the net (our car insurance people) and apparently we were paying £38 a month and because i'm changing the reg plate its went up to £42 a month ?? Eh !!:? :?

why is that ? why has my monthly premium went up ? iv not changed it yet altho im going to phone them tomorrow about it.

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weird. call them and see wats going on.

I'm guessing its an admin charge - they are getting more & more common now, my wife got caught with a massive one when she changed her car, despite being same group. The £4 extra a month is probably the Admin charge spread over the remaining period.

I am guessing though...

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but its only a 2 sec job, there isnt any admin at swift as its all done on the net.

i shouldnt think i should be charged an extra £4, thats an extra £40 a year !!

My wife got charged £50 for the vehicle change, think she was with Provident, having moved to them to save £20 at renewal.

Not sure who does & who doesnt make an admin charge, or how much they are, but they are getting more common. Presumably they would have to have told you about these charges previously in some small print?

Most charge extra for a admin charge on change of policy but as your paying monthly you can cancel at any time call there bluff and say your gona cancel if thay put it up.

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yeh i thot about that but what happens if they say yes, ill lose my deposit lol

plus its the cheapest company we have found with Mrs saxo on her provisional

think ill just have to grit my teeth i think lol

Almost certainly an Admin Charge, they have to issue you a new Insurance Certificate. I always check out these " Admin Charges " before signing up.

The seller should have changed the plate before selling the car.
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