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Charged twice by Tesco instore,check your card balances

Posted 7th Apr 2010
Did a grocery shop last weekend at Tesco and paid by debit card,just discovered last night when checking my balance online I had been charged twice for the same transaction,

Spoke to card company,they said 1 payment was taken and the other was on hold by tesco and advised to contact them to have the hold removed,

Tesco said they are aware there was a problem and a 'few' people have reported this issue,BUT,they insist it was a bank problem with some cards and nothing to do with them. They say 1 of the payments has not actually been 'taken' but it is a 'ghost' payment and the funds will be released in the next few working days,

Tesco say as it was a bank issue it is not just their stores involved,it could have happened the same at any store,

Not entirely convinced but just a headsup to check your balances for purchases made last weekend,

It means that my funds will have been tied up between tesco and the bank for about a week,not good at all,

Ok,the funds will be released but not the point,pity someone who did a big grocery shop and maybe needed some of the funds now and can't wait till next week ,

Tesco say there is nothing they can do,you just have to wait
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