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Found 9th Dec 2009
hi can anyone help im after a mains charger for a ipod docking station (iwantit front panel speaker) ive seen one on ebay for £12.99 but think thats a bit pricey ! 100-240V 50-60Hz 2.0 this is the voltage etc ,grateful for any help
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Unfortunately the numbers you provided are for the input side of the transformer... the critical data you want is on the output side.

e.g. Look at this: http://www.ladyada.net/images/metertutorial/wartdetail.jpg

The OUTPUT should tell you the voltage you need, and the o---(.---+ icon tells you if +ve is the inner pin or the outer shell of the plug that actually plugs into your docking station.

My girl managed to rip the end of her ipod charger a couple of days ago, but thankfully hers was a 12V inner +ve and I happened to have a matching one lying around.

Otherwise, you could go for a Ross type multi power adapter whcih you can get in the likes of Dixons or Maplins, e.g. maplin.co.uk/mod…864

Or various results worth searching through on google/shopping from £6

There is a slide-switch to set the voltage, you choose the matching plug and you choose the +ve / -ve polarity with the way you connect the adapter to the lead.
pgregg thanks for that but im not very tech minded and didnt understand some of that could u tell me exactly wot i need to look for ?
Ive Just Found This On Ebay Would This Do Item 350280270312
It might do... however without knowing the original spec of your power supply it is impossible to know. I wouldn't buy it without being sure it'll cope.

Can you go back to your original mains charger for your ipod dock and re-read it looking specifically for output information. It should say, at least, something like 12V - 200mA - or better, take a photo of the label where you got the input voltages. Hopefully your unit will take 12V or less, if it is more than 12V then you're out of the range of the "cheapy" adapters.
Another thing to look at, and harder to gauge on the internet, is the size of the plug that plugs into the docking station. If it is fattish then it is likely that a standard adaptor will work (the top one on the cross-plugs in your ebay item), otherwise you may need to go for something with more variety on the plug options (like my photo).
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