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Posted 2nd Jul
Would anyone know or be able to recommend me a USB-type C power adaptor to charge a 26000mh ravpower PD power bank please? the USB-type C leads that I have seem to take an eternity to charge it.

many thanks
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Have you tried using your phone's charger cable and power adaptor? This will usually output around ~2 amp.

Most power banks can receive a charge of around 2.1amps, very rarely can they receive much more. - for one of your size, it will still take a few hours to charge up.
What power protocols and at what rate does the power bank support? That's the key information you need if you're looking to buy a power supply that allows it to draw it's maximum.

I can't see a 26Ah power bank on the Ravpower site but if it's the 26.8Ah RP-PB058 model then going by the input specs it looks like it's probably USB-PD:…ank

Maximum input power is 35W at 20V. USB-PD power supplies above 45W are guaranteed to support 20V output but it's optional below that.

Basically any power supply supporting USB-PD and rated for a USB-PD output of over 45W should charge the power bank at it's maximum rate.
Input: DC 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5AType-C is what the Power Bank can take.

So a 30W PD charger will do, like the Anker suggested above or the Amazon Basics…ad7
Thank you for all your replies. very much appreciated and I now know what I'm looking for.
Denney_Masters02/07/2020 13:13 it's a good price

I picked this up and it arrived today. Works perfectly. Thank you everyone again.
Happy days!
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