Posted 19 November 2023

Charges for VOIP calls - when will they become free?

It took BT and others almost 20 years to start offering Free (inclusive unlimited UK phone calls on landlines) , only for them to start charging again, when opting for a full fibre Broadband. DItto other Alt-nets. The whole fibre-isation has opened up a new opportunity for another revenue stream (gouging), all over again.

No wonder people are using more Mobiles (cos most have unltd minutes/texts & what app for international calls). Its all about data now, YET !

WIth the given cost savings at the ISP levels due to Fibre switchover, they should be included (free) from day one, as part of the subscription to full fibre.
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  1. bozo007's avatar
    Can I use the pulpit now, if you are done?
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    Go ahead, the chosen one ! Give us the benefit of your infinite wisdom .
  2. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Here we go again doom and gloom merchant (edited)
  3. welsh_fella's avatar
    This is what's stopping me switching to FTTP at the moment.

    I know lots of people really don't get the house phone thing. But I really like mine.
    Onlydongles's avatar
    Agreed. Still useful for legacy use ( incoming & outgoings) and old school conversationalists.
  4. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Remember that in the event of a power loss you cannot use VoIP, whereas the landline has its own power, which will be a problem when they remove the copper wire system
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    ALthough rare (power cuts) I wonder if BT and the govt has given this a serious thought ! Alarms, Health alerts for the elderly, Security etc will need constant connectivity. Not everyone wil want or afford aUPS unit
  5. welsh_fella's avatar
    So is there currently a fttp provider who will let you keep your landline and provide free calls?

    I fully understand that the PSTN network is about to be switched off. So switching to VOIP seems inevitable.

    I see Vodafone offer an add on for an extra £12 a month!

    I currently get free anytime Phonecalls with nowtv broadband.
    elebam's avatar
    Vote with your feet: Port your landline number from NowTV to a VoIP supplier that’s not your internet provider. I ported my landline away from NowTV (a one-off £20 fee) and pay now 75 pence for my VOIP “landline” number rental per month. So if you’re a light user, an VOIP number is only £6 per year; incoming calls are free.

    Calls to UK landlines are 0.6p per minute (VAT included), and to UK mobiles it’s 1.8p per minute (VAT included).

    If you make the right hardware choices, you can pick up a used cheap VOIP base station plus nice looking hand set for £40; and if any relatives would use the same manufacturer, you can make free calls with them. I still have the same base station and handset I bought 11 years ago.. Best tech investment I made, in complete control of my costs, and no internet provider trying to bundle and upsell packaged phone & calls.(y)
  6. mutley1's avatar
    VOIP will be replacing all landlines from 2025 and the move will start next year, so it will cost like a landline or it won't be free as businesses have to make money somehow. I do wonder how the likes of whatsapp make any money, but apparently they make money from the business accounts.
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