Charging cable for kids?

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Found 31st Dec 2016
I'm searching for a charging cable (Micro USB Cable for an android tablet) that will take lots of abuse from a kid while charging. Anyone found any cables worth considering or on offer at the moment that will last a while.

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I would have thought a cable was fairy durable and it would be the plug in part that would get damaged. Some things just require a responsible adult to supervise the child using the technology. Possibly you can try and find one to assist with charging the device?

The only rugged ones I can see are 3ft long..…HAQ
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I got excited when i read the title. Was wondering about how to let my kids charge run out and get some peace and quiet before charging them up again....

Buy a tiny adapter 99p from HK which goes in micro c charger hole and stays there.This enables you to connect to it with a magnetic lead which pings onto the adapter also can connect in any direction.Just search magnetic micro c charger cable.

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thanks guys for the recommendations.

I do keep a close eye how they use a device and what they're viewing etc. kids tend to strain charging cables little more than they can handle by sitting little too etc

I thought someone had been watching Humans too much
My kids don't need charging... tranquillising maybe, but definitely not charging X)

There is a cable which no matter which way you plug into your device it will work, ideal when connecting your device in the dark and for children who have trouble putting a micro usb into phone or device ( we have three ) bought them on line

@ iscom
what's it called & where can I get these from? Thnx


@ iscomwhat's it called & where can I get these from? Thnx

I ordered them when they where on pre-release last summer but they are now available on ebay the Original are made by BlitzWolf and are listed as Blitzwolf BBW-CB8 Reversable Braided Micro USB Cable 1M.
Also so great in the car when you need to connect while driving ( don.t tell anyone )
its such a simple idea I don't know why nobody thought of it before
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​I was wondering similar thing thought it was a new cable u could use instead of feeding them
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