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Found 8th Dec 2009
Sorry if this is a really numpty question, but I've just bought a PS3 (never had one before) and a second Dual Shock 3 controller to go with it. I han't realised that the controllers were wireless (which is good!), but the second controller does not include a USB cable to charge it (it just says to use the one that came with the PS3).

So my question is - is this normal ie. do most people just use one cable and alternate between controllers to charge them? Or do you buy another cable? Or is there a better way to keep them both charged?


you can pick up the cables for pennys, or get them with lots of other stuff.

but yeah just leave one in charge while you play with the other one, if you want them both charged just charge it when its on and your not playing anything.

liek watching a film or something.


a charge lasts so long you will never have to worry and the charge really quickly

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Thanks both - I was hoping that both of those might be the case ie. cheap spare cable and long lasting batteries!

Does the PS3 have 2 USB ports if I do get an extra cable and want to charge both?


yea there are two usb ports but really i have only one charge cable and i have never had any problems the charge lasts weeks

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OK, thanks - just want to be sure as it's a really present (although I'm hoping to enjoy the benefits too!)

Happy Christmas! :santa:

I charge my PS3 controllers on my PC, also cheapest 2nd cable option is the retractable USB cables in Poundland (guess how much) - there's nothing special about the USB cable so any mini USB cable will do

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This could be useful for you...

Thanks - I thought I'd seen something like this! :thumbsup:

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I charge my PS3 controllers on my PC... any mini USB cable will do

Brilliant - that answers another couple of questions that I had!


you do realise that you can charge from your PC / laptop. I leave my cable plugged in the back of my pc as less unsightly than hanging out my PS3. And your PC is more likely to be on more than your PS3.

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you do realise that you can charge from your PC / laptop.

Not until I started this thread! So thanks - that's obviously going to be the easiest way to keep them charged up.
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