Charity event.

    We are organising a charity day at work for our maternity department but I want to do something myself...something i can get sponsored for. But have no ideas. Pls no skydiving suggestions as i cant do Rep to helpers x


    That's why you skydive, Because you fear it, So yeah I recommend Skydiving or Bungee jumping, Conquer your fears and do something good. Good luck...!!!

    what about a cycle ride (long !) maybe from the maternity unit to the next nearest one - that way you could get it in the local papers etc ?

    or organise a fun run ?

    someone at work sat in a bath of cold beans outside the office for charity - he did it at lunch time so all the other office workers walked past and threw mony in a bucket -and got the local paper to come and take pics so he got more donations that way - could you do it outside your local supermarket on a saturday when they are busy?

    Sponsored waxing of all body hair

    You could have one of the men dress as a baby and you have to look after him all day. Just hope he dose not need a nappy change.

    how about running a book on how long you can stand on one leg for, which you'd have to do in a public place so it can be monitored (or something along those lines) people pay £1 to make a guess. Guesses could be in breakdowns of seconds, minutes and hours. the person who guesses the closest without going over wins 20% of the takings with the other 80% going to the charity

    how about an eating themed one, a certain price per item , eg:20p per ferrero rocher over a certain period of time????
    or if watching the weight how about a weight loosing one eg:50p per 1lb lost over a certain period again x
    what ever you choose , good luck!

    How about baking cakes and selling slices to colleagues for charity? We did this where I worked once, and sold to different departments etc.

    Hi someone oh here the otherday with a rodeo bull thing for hire for fundraisers etc, tried finding it but cant now but there loads if you do internet search.
    Sounds like fun!!

    I did a sky dive for make a wish foundation, best experience of my life, conquer your fears and go for it, good luck with whatever you decide
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