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    I am trying to do my bit and help out a few charities here and there with a few knitted items, and curb my anxiety in the process.

    I've just finished a few miniature hats for the ageUK and Innocent Smoothie Big Knit. Moving on to knitting blankets etc for my local nciu...

    ...Now my dilemma is that I am short of cash but, I would like to be able to get a hold of decent, clean yarn for knitting with. (Not sure if I like the idea of recycling old knits)

    Do any of you good folk on here have any good ideas or good websites for good retailers that won't break the bank?

    Thank you in advance...


    Are you hand knitting or machine knitting?

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    Hand knitting. Sorry for the omission.

    Sell a few to cover the cost of the yarn with any profits going to charity.

    Ask some of your local wool shops if they'd donate stuff they can't sell or are end of line remaining stock.

    try craft shops or markets for cheap wool....

    Try poundland or wilkos, and my Mum used to buy hers from B&M. The double knitting yarn was £1 and a large ball of aran wool was £3.99, and good on you for taking action and helping out others. Other than that, if you are on facebook, why not appeal on there for any local shops who may donate for a bit of free publicity.

    I'm on WOOLIES FOR THE WORLD on Facebook..perhaps you'll find help there..

    where are you?

    Charity shops often have a few bits and pieces, and needles. If your looking for somewhere to send your stuff.

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    where are you?


    Keep an eye on gumtree, I've just spotted someone giving a away a large quantity of wool from someone who used to knit for charity but is unable to do so now. She wants it to go to someone who is going to use it for charity. It is free, but the only catch is you have to collect it from Harrow, London. So these kind of things do exist, so I would keep checking to see if any come up close to where you live. If you want the link by any chance, just let me know.
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    check Freecycle in your area, I got loads for my mum to knit for prem babies now she knits for fish and chip babies!!

    aldi sells yarn off often
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