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    There is a vote taking place on face to award a charity with $1 million they are on the second round of voting and this is the link to vote for the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation.
    I was diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension 5 years ago this week i have had brain surgery to place a pump from my head to my heart to reduce the excess spinal fluid 3 times but all have failed in the next few months i will be having a shunt placed in my spine but they are less reliable than my previous types.
    There is no proper medication for this disease and no research to find a cure in this country, please please please take 30 seconds to vote and post on your facebook for all your friends to vote the other charities are for more well known issues and have celebrity backing etc so we need every vote we can get.

    Thank you xx…=nf


    ive voted !

    Original Poster

    thank you

    Have voted for your charity, best of luck

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    tyx your puppy is nearly as cute as mine:p

    voted...good luck

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    I will go vote also - i was diagnosed with this 6yrs ago & have been fortunate enough to not need surgery - it is a terrible debilitating illness that people do not understand at all - can i a dd my thank you's also to people that vote


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    i haven't received any spam and have direct links with the charity taking part. people are just moaning there that they have to join to vote. the charity has already received its money from round one so i will do all i can to get votes for round two as at the moment is my only hope of having a life and finding a cure before i go completely blind its up to you guys if you vote or not x
    but do appreciate the heads up choc x

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    cheers Steph
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