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    Hi, Does anyone know when is the cheapest time (and with which company) to book a Charter (Or Scheduled) Flight To Florida. Looking to go around 10th July? Some say leave it to like a week before, but I think that's cutting it a bit fine!



    try charterflight you can register with them and they send you daily updates from your preferred airport and yes normally about a week to 10 days before but as its July 10 it could then incur school holidays which will be more expensive

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    Thanks for the tip, I've now registered on their RSS feed! Has anyone booked as late as a week before departure and do the fares generally drop significantly then?

    If you book a week before then you will probably get the best fairs. I've been monitoring for the past couple of weeks and the same flights rise ever so slightly when it become the day or two before*, but I have to say their week before prices are generally best.

    *I assume this is because they like to make a couple of extra bucks out of those who suddenly find they need to travel (like business people) or to try and catch out those who truly shop last minute. So yeah - book a week before cus then you get the benefit of more choice. Virgin Atlantic also reduce prices a couple of weeks before I've found.

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    Thanks geeadamg!

    Geez, it's gonna be like playing Russian Roulette (with my Wife & Kids holding the gun!!) if don't get a deal... Seeing as the prices are still hovering around the £570 scheduled and £450 chartered, I haven't got much to lose, as even as the departure date approaches, I doubt the prices will rise much past these anyways!
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