Cheap 3 Night Break in Benidorm, where to find?

Found 14th Aug 2017
First time going abroad and need advice on which are the best price comparison websites or travel agents to use? Wanting cheap as possible
Basically me and the mrs wanting to go away for 3 nights all inclusive in May 2018 to Benidorm
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I find perfect for searching for stuff like this.
Hope this helps?
If you base you search on as cheap as possible, you may find yourself in a hideous dive. You don't state which airport you want to fly from which makes it hard to recommend. Tripadvisor is a good start for hotel ratings, also buying the flight and accommodation separately can work out cheaper. I've done this loads of times but if it is your first trip abroad, maybe buying as a package might be best. The other thing to consider is that most of the money is taken up with the flight. If you are flexible with dates etc, you may find you can get a week b&b for the same price as three days all inclusive. Whatever you choose, I hope you have a lovely time and please don't forget to take out travel insurance.
Teletext holidays is always worth a look
We usually go may/june for 2 nights flights are normally 80 - 100 each from ryan air if booked early enough search via skyscanner, we usually stay in lavante beach apartments booked directly with them for around 100 euro for all inclusive
That's great thanks for your input. Will be travelling from East Midlands airport. I'll have a look at all your suggestions thanks 😊
Benidorm is a great place to holiday. something for everyone. You need to be careful though. Beware of pickpockets, prostitutes, scammers, jewelery snatchers and thieves. Don't go in the electrical shops for that 'bargain' camera and don't think you can 'find the pea' you can't. Get a taxi after dark. Keep your wits about you and have a great time.
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