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Found 22nd May 2009
Hello, been given a task by a friend to find the cheapest Arcade version 360. No idea where to look..help!

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Probably Marshall Wards using one of those £30 or £50 vouchers is your best bet
if you go to [url]www.find-games.co.uk[/url] you can do a price comparrison of different arcade packages, though asandino is probably right, the best one was a few weeks ago when the last bank holiday was on and asda were doing it for 97
ooh really? thanx for that, 97 would of been good..shame

Thanks for your help guys.
Just remember one thing the best XBOX 360 at the moment are the ARCADE they are the JASPERS and an easy way to tell if you have one is because you get 256MB internal memory when you turnn it on.

I hope this help.
brand new? or just the cheapest you can find? for example game and gamestation sell them preowned with 2 games and 2 wireless controllers for £99
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