Cheap 37" Television....under £350??

    Hi there,
    I need help looking for 37" tv I have about £350 but could go a bit higher if need to.
    Ive seen an LG on Richer Sounds but they have told me they have sold out.
    Im not too fussy about brand but would like to of heard of the make.
    Please, any Help appericiated!!

    Many Thanks!


    Just been in Tescos and they've got loads of Grundig 37" lcds for 399

    I'd save up, get a good one. 1080p. Freesat built in. Then it'll be good for the future.
    Or just wait till OLED takes off, LCD's should drop a bit in price.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your comments!!

    Make sure you get one with 100Hz. It's hard to find but think it'll be worth it, i've been looking for one since christmas. Think it's Sony that's made a 200hz one mega money tho
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