cheap 4G mobile ~ £50-£150?

    recently renewed with T-Mobile on sim only which meant they moved me to EE with 4G double speed data. Can you please recommend a 4G/ 4G double speed phones that is good and won't cost the earth?

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    you'll gets lots of people saying moto g 4G. with very good reason to.…794

    You won't go wrong with this.*

    * Other phones may be available

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    any thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 735 for £129.99 on EE


    any thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 735 for £129.99 on EE

    here is a comparison of the 2. Link

    Specs wise they match up well, with the lumia having a slightly better camera.

    Many people will tell you (and rightly so) the eco system on windows is not a patch on android. A lot less apps go to windows.

    Do you have a windows or android phone atm? If so sticking with the same OS might be best. but if you fancy a change I'd recommend scouting the app stores and seeing if they have the apps you use atm.

    Hope this helps

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    I currently have an iPhone 4, but can't be asked to spend £699 on an iPhone 6 (128gb) or to spend over £1200 over 2 years on a contract!!!

    Would definitely recommend the Moto G 4G edition.

    However then gen 2 4G version is expected to be released shortly. (The 3G 2nd Gen has been out for a while).

    You could pickup the 4G Gen 1 for cheap or pickup the new 4G Gen 2.

    Another contender is LG G2 mini, currently using an Ee sim in mine. Has the benefit of a removable battery plus it has good battery life.
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