**CHEAP 4gb USB Stick**

    Hi again,

    Now i am looking for 4gb stick for my MP3 player in car. I have seen on Amazon SanDisk for around £17. I missed out on Aldi one.

    thanks sal


    Is price a key on this?
    I have a 2gb sandisk cruzer and it kept getting knocked when i indicated and the cruzer is not the longest stick out there, at 7cm
    On friday, i found a really tiny 2gb unit from staples for not the bargain price of £11.99. I think the 4gb unit was £20 or so. It's not much more than 5cm
    It's summat to consider but if the usb slot on your car's head unit is in a better place then ignore this lol

    Are you sure your car stereo can read from a memory stick, Some don't work...

    I have This one and can't fault it, Although there is a Sandisk Cruzer 4GB for £17.99

    Original Poster

    I have Goodmans MP3 player with USB slot. Not tried it yet, till i get 4gb usb. Sandisk from looks good. Thanks you both
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