cheap 7 inch tablets recs please with good battery.

    hi im going on holiday on the 19th of June and im looking for a cheap £75ish tablet to take with me for browsing the internet while im there. Im not bothered about the latest android version or the camera on it I would just like a long battery life and good quality screen. Doesnt need to be new but i dont know anything about tablets. Can anyone point me in the right direction? If i have left anything out please let me know. Many thanks in advance for any help.


    Amazon eBay Argos cex

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    Hi sorry should have made things more clear I have been looking at ebay amazon etc but I dont know anything about tablets so can anyone rec me a particular brand/model with the features im looking for many thanks.

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    ellenw thanks for the link I was typing my reply after you had posted yours I will have a look now

    Not 7 inch, but within your budget and ok spec, was listed here a week or so ago, dont know why was so cold.…392

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    khang365 thanks that looks like what im after does anybody on here know how long in real life the battery lasts while browsing the web?

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    nickcoley thanks for the link


    your welcome
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