cheap accomidation in or around Warrington

    I fancy a night out there before I go to Uni there in 3 months, but cheapest accomidation I found is in Sandbach over 30 miles away which is £10 single on the train to there.

    Probably 2 night stay as not much point spending 4-6 hours to get there to go home next day and do the same.

    Not too bothered about poshness, as long as its at least bedsit quality im happy, no meals needed.


    Have you tried the local travel lodges? They have rooms for £25 a night and £26 a night. Supersaver and saver I think. Check out their website. Also they do quidco (about £3-£4 back)

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    Tried before and they were like £45

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    Did another search and they do have them, but its scattered out, i.e they have a Sunday for £15 Monday for £39 Tuesday for £15 and I want to go down on a Weekend if possible.

    The only thing I can suggest is paying full price £39 for the Saturday and £15 for the Sunday. If you average them out it's stil pretty cheap. Especially if you book them separately and get quidco for both bookings. Sorry you couldn't find the two nights.

    Or get the family room, take two mates and share the cost.

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    Hmm didnt realise the Saturday was £39 I dont mind doing that but Saturday didnt show up in the cheap deals.

    Cant take any mates as I only have 1 close friend and hes on benefits lol

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    Darn was going to book 2 weeks ago when I saw £15 rooms at end of July(My birthday) but they are gone now! only full priced rooms, any other ideas?
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