Cheap Accommodation in Cambridge for 2 nights

    I am a student and have to go to University Cambridge for a workshop in mid January for three days (2 nights). My bf is going with me. The cheapest accommodation I can find for 2 nights is £39 per day for a private room in a youth hostel.
    This is clearly over my budget.

    Does anyone have any ideas on cheaper accommodation please?


    Look at a website/app called Priceline. On there you can bid for a hotel stay (best on the day or the day before) and get some very hotels. I did it on a recent stay to New York and saved a fortune. Failing that I have a £15 credit code to use on hotel tonight if you and your boyfriend want to use it towards each stay (total saving £30)

    Are the university not providing any accommodation for you? may be worth calling the organiser and explaining and seeing what they can do?

    Never heard of Priceline thank you...

    A bed in a communal room in the youth hostel will be a lot cheaper than the private room, can you not do that? Was the £39 private room price for you as a couple, or each? I'd imagine you could find a B&B that would do a double room for around £50 per night, cooked breakfast included.
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    why not join the youth hostel association ( yha ) not sure how much it is to join nowadays but you get good cheap accommodation , also if you join the international y.h.a. you get some great hostels abroad . great for weekends/mid-week breaks. not sure how the accommodation works now but it was changing from single sex dormitories to proper rooms a good few years ago and I would think they are all rooms now.

    Cheaper than £40 a night for a room in Cambridge? I doubt that it is possible. I'm actually suprised you managed to find a place that cheap!
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