Cheap action camera vs GoPro?

Found 24th Jul
I have a cheap waterproof action camera I bought off amazon last year for my holidays and thought it did the job well! Now there’s so many accessories it came with but I’m clueless on how to use them

On the other hand I’m contemplating a GoPro and buying some accessories to go with it (headstrap)

Could anyone advise how much better a go pro is compared to a cheaper action camera? Is it worth spending £200 on a gro pro when i spent £30 on the one I have right now

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Are you happy with the one you’ve got now? If so, I’d stick to it.
I’m a GoPro fan, having previously owned a cheap and nasty one that was rubbish, but if you’re happy with the one you’ve got, keep using it!
As above, if your happy with the one you then keep it. You would notice a difference if you got a gopro, just depends if you think its worth the extra 200. Go to currys or the like and try one to see the difference.

Edit: I had a cheap action camera which I lost, I was so glad it wasnt a go pro.
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I personally only have a go pro and the video quality isn’t the best but probably still better than a cheap £30 one but to be honest if you are happy with urs at the moment keep it
It's not one extreme to the other, there are great ones in between, xiaomi on particular make a range of good ones.
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