Cheap ActionReplay / GameShark / Other?

Hey there. Basically, I finally got around to grabbing Gran Turismo 3 and 4 (im way behind on console games...) but I dont really have the patience to do the same race 20 times just to get enough money to buy a turbo kit for a car.... eg, the 'start' of GT games have always been slow and painful.

So... Anyone know where I can grab a cheap Action Replay or similar cheat system just to get some easy money? Money is really all im after, just so I can buy the cars - still want the enjoyment of completing races, doing the licenses etc.



also search action replay on here.

My friend was saying about some disc that was £14.99 at Argos and it had loads of cheats for loads of games on 1 disc,it was £5 or so less without memory card for PS2,she asked me to find if cheaper cos her son wanted 1 for his b'day.
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