cheap AGP graphics card

    hey people,

    my computer doensn't have PCI-E, as it's a few years old now, and the graphics card has started to mess up. just wondering if anyone knew of a cheapish AGP card (around £20 - £30). would prefer a mid end old card i.e. a 6000 series, rather than a low end new card i.e. 8400.



    Hi, I have the perfect card for you. A fairly mid to high end older card, nVidia Geforce 5500mx, 256mb. It's on sale here:…185

    I am open to offers, and it is right in your price range! Hope that helps.

    My FX5500 is substantially higher spec than the FX5200 and I can do it for the same sort of price.

    Plus ebuyer charge postage.

    @morris7: What's your system spec? No point spending much if you're running a very old PC with a weak processor, in which case I'd advise going onto ebay and getting yourself something appropriate to your system.

    If you're willing to stretch to ~£45 - this looks a bit of a bargain for AGP systems:…000

    For this price you get 512Mb GDDR3 and a 600Mhz GPU. The card looks comparable to a 7600GS in Toms hardware benchmarks.

    An aside:
    There's a useful hierarchy chart for graphics cards for gaming purposes here:…tml
    as well as a useful guide to CPU/graphics card matching on older AGP interface PCs here:…is/

    Hope this helps...
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