cheap air compressor

    looking for a cheap air compressor for paint spraying on the cheap! anyone recommend me one? I'm in cheshire


    a budget would help and if you have any existing equipment

    I'm an airbrush artist. Not sure what sort of painting you want to do but I'd advise getting a larger tank, definitely not one of the desktop ones as the motor has to run constantly and burns out fast

    Ive a feeling he may mean car spraying but hard to tell by op

    Look on local sales sites, I picked one up for £40 and accessories from B&Q in a sale.

    Have you tried Aldi? There were ones going for £40 there recently.

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    sorry yes its for (small) car spraying. I had an aldi one that after hardly any use, broke, trips the electric, won't start.

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    out of warranty of course
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