cheap alternative to xbox 360 wireless adapter

Do you have a wireless laptop that you use? As I use that with a small crossover network cable, to allow my 360 to get online.
Or if you have a desktop, do like above with that instead.

Other solution is to get a ethernet adaptor that is either mains powered or powered by 2 usb ports, I prefer mains powered so the usb ports are free.
I have a netbook?
some string and download the internet onto a floppy disc (may need 2, the internet might be a bit bigger than i think)
If possible: Ethernet - about 1-2 quid
A wireless access point in client mode might be cheaper.

You could have also bought two of those Tendra (sp?) routers that were on here fot about £13ea from ebuyer yesterday and used them as a wireless bridge.
try one of these ]http//ww…1-1 i use them on both my xbox's work great at distance too, can be hard to setup but ok if you do research on google or just use a pc but you have to have them on when you use xbox.


Homeplugs ftw.
bridge your wireless connection from your netbook over an ethernet cable to your 360 and youre sorted! - and very very cheaply!
Your options are (ranked from simplest to most compicated)

- Buy the official wireless adapter
- Buy an ethernet cable and run that between your router and Xbox
- Buy a set of 2 homeplugs (or powerline adapters). Plug one in the wall where your Xbox is, plug one in the wall near your router. Connect the Xbox to one homeplug, connect the router to the ohter (using short ethernet cables, which should be supplied)
- Use laptop as a wireless bridge.…dmp
- Use a second wireless router as a wireless bridge. Some routers come with this function built in but others don't. If you pick up a cheap router which doesn't have this, you may be able to install DD-WRT firmware onto it (check the official website to see if the router is compatible first). If it is, look at this page for more info:…dge

The cheapest method is using an ethernet cable. The next cheapest is using your laptop as a wireless bridge (you only need an ethernet cable to do this, so it's a very cheap option).
The next cheapest is buying a cheap router and putting DD-WRT on it (bear in mind this is also the hardest solution to implement). A pair of homeplugs will set you back about as much as an official Xbox wireless adapter but you can use them for others things too.

In my experience (dating right back to the days of using PS2 online), using a laptop as a wireless bridge is a massively painful task. I am by no means computer illiterate but getting it to work was sooo problematic. In the days of PS2, I gave up and used a long ethernet cable. With my PS3, I got it to work (but not wirelessly - only when the PS3 was connected to the PC with an ethernet cable and when the PC was connected to the router with an ethernet cable. Why it wouldn't work with wireless.. i'll never know.)
I tried it AGAIN with my 360 but gave up and bought a cheap Belkin router from ebay (about £10) and put DD-WRT on it. I then changed it to wireless bridge mode, input my SSID and passkey and boom! Job done & working perfectly! Just as good as an official wireless adapter.
You could use the old xbox wireless adapter
got me 3 x 85Mbps homeplugs off Ebay for £10 deilvered, not the prettiest things but then they do exactly what i need them to do.
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