Found 18th Dec 2008
Ive seen lots of bargains for stuff from amazon recently and was wondering how people find such items. Like that 26 p comic relief song never comes up when i look but gets posted here regularly.

Also…tml this site never gives results for stuff under 51p no matter what amount i put in and i know amazon has stuff cheaper than 51p

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just tried this site and you have to enter

0.51 or 0.10 etc

dont forget the (0. ) or it wont work

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martin17;3800206 tried this site and you have to … tried this site and you have to enter0.51 or 0.10 etcdont forget the (0. ) or it wont work

I know you have to put 0.10 but still comes back with everything over 51p

huh ive already stated that site wont come back wih anything under 51p which is what i want.

I want to know as stated in OP how to find items that are cheap like 26p comic relief tune, also seen posted 1p books
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