Cheap Amsterdam accomodation Help needed/ 24th july for 2 nights

    hi all looking for cheap b&b or hotel cental location within a few min from central station damrak or rld dates 24th july for 2 nights 2 adults also any accomodation above pubs etc...any advice please let me know cheers

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    Haven't stayed here for a coulpe of years now but can highly recommend it. It has now moved to another location but still central.

    We too have stayed in botel a few times and was always very clean
    Its great location not too far to walk for any of the attractions

    If you only need a roof over your head use these guys:…htm

    My friend and i go every year. There is a bar(cheapest pint in the city) and they do a breakfast for 2 pounds. Its secure as you need you pass to get in and you can rent a locker for pennies. Oh a towel is only 50 pence to rent, saves baggage space.


    On Warmoesstraat no. 14 you'll find your ideal hostel.
    Within a 2 minute walk from the Central Station and at the beginning of the Red-Light district, you'll be in the middle of Amsterdam's exciting atmosphere.

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    thanks guys hostel has no private facilities only dorms looks ok but not into the whole sharing thing lol :whistling:
    botel i have been looking at but this has now been relocated and you get to it by a boat at the back of central staion free of charge but has a 10 min transfer so sounds a lot of hassle might have been an option in its old location as i think it wasmore central
    how about any b&b above pubs saw a few people satying in those a few years back when visited might be cheap and cheeful?

    Differant people differant ideas. My friend and I only need somewere dry as there is so much to do(come home with sore legs due to the amount of walking done). Make sure you go to the Bolls musem its to the right of the Van Gogh gallery.

    Good luck witht the search.

    Oh the musem was called 'The house of bols' I kid you not.

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    fair comment if it was 2 singles or with friends but as its me and my wife could be a little overcrowded for our liking lol:oops:but thanks for the tip:thumbsup:

    Ah right sorry, never thought of taking the missus. Red lights and all that.

    Found the site:…asp

    Its about 10 euros, we got it for free for using the water taxi.

    lots of central private rooms here at various b&b's & hostels starting at £18.00


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    the dude was it good? not been there before might give it a go:thumbsup:

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    hi snowtiger checked out hostel bookers but a lot of them charge price per person so you end up paying alot more great for singles but seem to still be high for private when you x by two people sharing the room for some of the prices might as well stay in hotel i suppose any good hotels youve stayed in?

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    anyone had a nice stay in damrak or near central station??? let me know cheers

    I always stay at Stay Okay Vondelpark, which has private bedrooms, 4 bed dorms ensuit and 6 bed dorms ensuit, and also the usual dorms with shared toilets... !! Brilliant location at Leidsplien Square, trams a plenty, cheap and best of all CLEAN and Secure!! very nice place.. try them.. they are usually all booked up

    Sorry lunching, yeah it strange. You get you sense messed with, they show one think and give you bits to taste, plus sniffer bottles. Then you can have a cocktail, if its quiet ask the barstaff about Genever. They gave us tonnes of shots. Ended up buying a few bottles of it.

    You will be very lucky to find cheapish accommodation in Amsterdam in a Hotel ................ have you tried searching ?…t=0
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