Found 11th Jul 2008
Saw imortals post about cheap hostels in amsterdam. Ive now decided im gunna go for an adventure on the 1-4th of august. im looking for flights for 2 18 year olds from either manchester or liverpool (or anywere close to these). Only looking at spending £250 tops on the 3/4 days/nights trip.


Best bets are WW & EZY.

Maybe LS if you can travel to Leeds.

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snowtiger;2504717]Have a great time ... the place is FANTASTIC !!

Snowtiger the cheapest i can find is £71.25 with skyscanner!
Really want to go but cant afford that

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02 Aug. '08 (Sat) - Outbound£59.99 Liverpool Amsterdam 6:40amPrice: … 02 Aug. '08 (Sat) - Outbound£59.99 Liverpool > Amsterdam 6:40amPrice: £59.99 inc. taxes & chargesDepart: Liverpool (LPL), UKArrive: Amsterdam (AMS), NetherlandsCarrier: ][COLOR=#22229c]Easyjet[/COLOR] (][COLOR=#22229c]Additional Charges[/COLOR]) [CENTER]This price was last checked 9hrs ago[/CENTER]

This seems good. any chance of finding me a return???

Is it cheaper to get ferry/?

I was just going to say have a look into the ferry option, there are lots of them…nd/

Some towns do trips via coaches (Yorks etc) by Ferry & a drive (long long drive !! ) through belgium .

return (probably can get the same a day or so either way too )

05 Aug. '08 (Tue) - Inbound
£53.77 Amsterdam > Liverpool

Lowest Price: £53.77 inc. taxes & charges
Depart: Amsterdam (AMS), Netherlands
Arrive: Liverpool (LPL), UK
Carrier: ][COLOR=#22229c]Easyjet[/COLOR] ([URL="javascript:void(0);"][COLOR=#22229c]Additional Charges[/COLOR][/URL])
[CENTER]2 flights meeting your criteria were found
These prices were last checked 9hrs ago

Quick Search: ][COLOR=#22229c]Amsterdam under £50[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

a bit later inAugust :

05 Aug. '08 (Tue) - Outbound
£49.99 Liverpool > Amsterdam 7:15pm

Price: £49.99 inc. taxes & charges
Depart: Liverpool (LPL), UK
Arrive: Amsterdam (AMS), Netherlands
Carrier: ][COLOR=#22229c]Easyjet[/COLOR] (][COLOR=#22229c]Additional Charges[/COLOR])
[CENTER]This price was last checked 9hrs ago[/CENTER]

look at anderson tours or expatexplore tours which do nice £200 tours including stay and travel

From Liverpool, you can get a return for around £70-90 midweek. The weekends raise the price dramatically.

Try going on a Thursday & coming back the Tuesday.....

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