Cheap and Best Card Protection

    Hello Guyz I am looking to protect my credit and debit cards from fraudsters. Can you advice me a cheap and best provider?

    I have a barclays credit card and they say for £29 a year they can protect all my credit and dibit cards from fraudulent activies. Is that the best deal availablle on market?

    Thanks for you help


    I've never really seen the point in this, what extra cover do you get that you don't normally get anyway?

    2 of my mates have recently had card details used abroard apparently both got cloned at by the same ATM but they both had the money returned to them by the bank within a few days and any extra charges for missing payments ect were reversed? I don't see what your paying for?

    This is the company I have been using for over twenty years…tml

    This was great when we were in Turkey and had all our money and credit cards stolen. Within a few hours we had money to get us through.
    Another time my wife had her cards stolen at school, but we were able to stop them with a single phone call.

    check with your house insurance and if you have legal cover then you may well be protected against identity fraud with them. My insurance told me that all my debit and credit cards are covered.
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