Cheap and comfy trainers for indoor football! :)

Found 9th Dec 2006
Just started playing a bit of football with the guys from work on a Friday afternoon, played in Converse yesterday; jesus christ are my feet ever hurting!

I don't suppose there's any trainers that are as comfy as Nikes but unbranded and/or look rubbish so can be picked up dead cheap? Don't want to spend silly amounts just to use for running around a hall for an hour a week.

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Bump please!
Hi i play indoor and i wear Adidas Samba, there available in most shops relatively cheap
Thanks for the reply, I found them quite hard to get hold of last time for under around £45, which is a bit more than I wanted to spend for something that's going to get only 30~ minutes use running around a sports hall each week, hehe.

Thanks for the reply though
Just go out and buy a cheap pair of trainers, do not get running trainers as they won't last long. A trip to your local shopping centre will help you decide. JJB sports may still have a sale on, try them mate, their staff can be very helpfull and you can get some decent trainers for less than £20. Just tell them you want a comfy pair of indoor footy trainers and tell them how mucbh you want to spend.

Samba all way though to be honest.
Meh, I guess I'll go with the Sambas then Cheapest I can find them online is £40~ but that'll do, it'#s too far for me to go into town just to get some trainers really, I live right out in the sticks :P
Try Sports Soccer. i found them in there for 30-35 ish;-)
It's great to see that across this great land, east to west, north to south, Samba is still king!
I've seen some Samba's in TK Maxx recently for £25, might be worth popping in your local for a look.
if you have any factory outlets near you, would be worth a trip. I have both Nike & Adidas factory stores near me - Adidas were selling astro trainers for £10, Nike had some for £20 (which looked better IMHO).
Have you checked out M&M direct? They've got a sale on at the mo. The downside is that you have to pay postage for dleivery & returns, so it's not really any good unless you know the specific pair you're after, and the size you need...:thumbsup:
Just had a quick look for the Samba trainer you're all on about, but to no avail...Probably going to get shouted at now for being a 'bird wot doesn't understand football', but..they have got some very well priced astro turf boots, including some Puma mens 'cellerator astro trainers' for £19.98, down from £79.99, which seems a fair saving to me...:roll:
Sorry to bump this again, but can anyone recommend a place to get some cheap Nikes from? I'm not getting on with the Sambas at all!
Hi BlizeH

Check through these trainers from ][COLOR=blue]M&M Direct[/COLOR] Prices start from £7.99 and you can use discount code: V42 for free delivery

Hopefully you'll find something that suits
Ahhh, my direct link to the searched items isnt working. :roll: Just refine the search down the left hand side when you click through the link.
I've changed the link now, i linked to just sale items but your better to just search from scratch as you get more items coming up and the prices are pretty good
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