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Found 15th Feb 2011
So I'm currently rocking the Acer 1810T laptop with the SU7300 processor, 4Gb, 320GB and 11.6" screen with a battery that lasts me a good 4-6hrs in real life!
Im looking to change to a slightly more powerful laptop. Both Lightroom and Photoshop run fine, but I have an urge for a bit more speed in photoediting. having said that anyone looking ta laptops and only doing light editing, the SU7300 is very capable.
So, im wondering what the best deal around is? I mean I can see 15.6" bbeing sold for peanuts, but a 13" or lower, no where on the market. Im looking to spend not more that £450 though £400 is my real life budget!!
Any ideas.. needds to be faster than Su7300+Intel 4500HD combo, ideally something with Optimus! And a battery life that is good enough for 3-4 hrs in real life!!
DVD drive not needed. WIn7 YES pls!
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Realistically though - check out - Brilliant site

Quick search pulled up this -…tml - Same specs as yours though...
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you aint gonna get anymore poke than you currently have for a 13" at that price point tbh... i recently bought an asus ul30a but it has a slightly lower spec cpu than what your currently using..
o ive just remembered the dell adamo was posted on what will probably be its final deal on here not sure if its expired but was for around £480, will be more powerful but only 2gb of ram…711

probably as good as you will get for your criteria though over budget, funnilly enough at save on laptops lol
thansk guys, ideally looking at a Core i3m, only the new Samsungs and the ASUS U3X series look the part. $749 in the US, fits the bill and budget. Damn why do we have to pay oer the odds in the UK..
The adamo, well firstly its a bit of a dead end laptop really no ram ungrade, surely no SSD upgrade!! Gr8 bang for buck though, dont get me wrong!!

Good makes are Samsung, and as I am a Mac user I would also recommend the Macbook, but it is not cheap, however worth it I will admit (not to start the mac VS pc debate though please)
im quite impressed with the Macair 11.6 and you can get tthem cheap refurbed in the US. But the cost of egtting all my software over to Mac now is gonna be a lot of dosh!! hmmmmm!!! Its a minefield!!
The Dell M101z has a dual core AMD Athlon II K325 processor, 4GB RAM and a 320GB hard drive. Should be available for around £250 on the Dell Outlet store.

From reviews and personal knowledge it runs very well although the screen is approximately 11". The M301z is approximately 13" but not sure of the spec of them (pretty much the same I think).
cant see it on the outlet..
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