Cheap and nasty Alba TV stopped working....

Found 26th Jul 2012
Got a cheap Alba TV from Argos in October 2010 for my gran. It gets used for half hour every few days, maybe 4 hours viewing at a maximum a week.

Last night it gave up displaying anything watchable - yellow and white screen, really washed out - it's not the picture as the menu's are the same too, the screen has just gone.

Now it's out of warranty with the retailer (Argos as it's beyond 12 months). Would I have justification as being not fit for purpose and fall under selling regulations and if so who with, Argos or Alba (Cannot find a direct website for them).

Or would it be simpler to cut the losses on the £99 and just buy something decent!?
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My first tv that I bought when I was 16 (about 25 years ago now) that was a alba 14" from argos, me and my brother shared the same bedroom I set it up and layed in bed and all this smoke come out the back and went bang X)

I had never jumped out of bed that quick in all me life

To answer your question just by another one .
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buy something decent

Argos owns Alba. Worth a phone call/letter of complaint. They may offer you a discount towards a replacement. Goods must last a reasonable time so the fact it outlasted the 12 month warranty, not bad going really for an Alba.
The regulation re an item being fit for purpose relates to you getting reasonable use from the item in relation to the price paid I.e. the more you pay the longer you should expect to get before it develops a fault. I think a £99 tv wouldn't be expected to last more than a
Year or two. Worth a call or letter to Argos though as nothing ventured nothing gained.
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