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    I had the nokia lumia 925 but i have lost it and i am currently without a phone, can anyone recommend a cheap android phone, it doesnt have to be brand new but i dont really want to spend anymore than £50. i still have 12months left on my phone contract so it would only need to last me a year..



    Not sure about android phone but carphone warehouse has the lumia for 520 last week for 49.99 and I bought one secondhand for £40

    Moto E is about £60 or £70 new if your budget can stretch

    Do you have a GAME store near you? The store near me has some nice mobiles in the window but you'd have to go for a grade C condition given your budget.
    Everyone has strong opinions about mobile phones and what is best but I have an iphone 4s in the UK and a Galaxy S3 Mini when overseas (using a local sim). It's mostly for whatsapp, a little Facebook (46 friends) and obviously calls. I don't need the best phone because I'd never use 95% of it's features. With this in mind I'd go for a Galaxy S2 personally but that is only my opinion.
    I really think you will struggle to get much for £50, can you not raise your budget ever so slightly to give you options?

    Still a good phone for £85

    I would definitely just get a Lumia 520. Cheap as chips but it will have a virtually identical user-experience to the 925, with the benefit that it will load up all your contacts etc when sync'd. Then, when you get a new phone, just use the 520 as a satnav or a spare phone.


    Moto E is about £60 or £70 new if your budget can stretch

    Where is it this price please?
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