Cheap Android tablet?

Found 19th Nov 2010
There have been a couple of posts recently with regard to the cheap chinese tablets, and I've decided I want one.

However, these always get ridiculed - and people post that spending a little bit more will get you a much better one.

Now, I don't want an Ipad or Samsung Galaxy - as it is only going to be used for testing apps that I write - and for the kids (4 + 2) to play a couple of games on, and ideally be able to watch simple videos (Cbeebies etc).

I'm looking at spending around £100, and the only criteria I have is that it needs to run Android 2.1 well.

Any advice
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Brilliant, thanks for that.

After researching, there are a few imminent launches in the UK.

I ended up getting one of the cheap (£60) Eken M001 models to play with from Deal extreme, and will buy a 2.1 slate in the new year when there is more choice.

Archos 101 some thing better than others, but dont compare with ipad

Build good
Size is good
Battery is good

only one big minus point is in landscape mode viewing angle is less, other wise excellent as far i know
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