Cheap aquariums?

Found 26th May 2009
I currently have a 5-6 year old angelfish in a ~35 litre tank (he had to be seperated due to his aggression) - I'm feeling pretty horrible for putting him in there so i'm on the lookout for a cheap tank for him.

This is the cheapest i've found so far:…tml

I'm looking to pay ~£20 less, though, because I don't need a heater/filter, etc.

Anyone know of any cheaper sites? Are tanks more expensive online?
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Did you see the deal that was on here the other day for these beauties?

Thats the beauty!!!

Yea - I was thinking of that one - well if that is the starting price (say) then looking at all the comments on that thread if you don't think you have the room for it - then maybe you could use that as a starter for ten in the negotiation for a smaller one from there?

Lets face it - with that heat they must have had lots of internet traffic from here surely?

So, it may be worth a go?

Or as hard as it may be for you - regrettably look to rehome the naughty Angel fish so that thet others don't get their tail bitten off eveytime they dare to try and swim near him or feed.

why don't you get a clear bit of perspex and divide your tank into 2 tanks?

i did this with my aggressive angel fish, i also drilled holes about 2cm across for the smaller fish to swim thru - if they wanted to risk their life, but it also allowed the water to circulate.

He out lived all my other fish and when I went to university I put him in the school fish tank, to continue his rule-of-terror there.
You could always try Gumtree or eBay? usually quite a few cheap setups all ready to go
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