Cheap Astro boots for Football

I need cheap astro boots for playing football with. By price range is £20 max is this is just for school. Can anyone please help me find any decent ones?


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OMG i just noticed i have 2 POSITIVE RATINGS! - from 5 NEGATIVE ratings from yesterday. That must be this sites 1st time this had happened lol. Must have been some real nice ppl on here

Anyway anyone find anything as the ones i have found and that good so far

I have had a few pairs - best place to look is either JJB or Sports Soccer, bound to get a pair of reebok / puma for around the £20 mark.

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thx for the advice I will look into them

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I've just checked them but theres only 1 that will do - are there any other places where i can get cheap ones?

i got my son a pair of nike ones for £19and my daughter a pair of addidas ones for £16 from sport world



lx direct have some, and theres usually vouchers /discounts to be found in the voucher section.

m+m are always pretty good to be honest
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