Cheap baby clothes?

    Right, I am more asking for wisdom here!

    I'm expecting a little bundle of joy in December and am try to stock pile his clothes and supplies with the help of a few good discounts - can anyone point me in the right direction?

    * I have raided Primark. Look out for their packs of baby suits - if someone has taken one out of the pack of 7, they mark them half price! Bargain!

    * I have used some of the La Redoute codes and have plenty of adorable swag on the way.

    Any more ideas?


    Having had 8 kids myself....they dont stay in anything very long at all ( my last 2 didnt even fit into newborn clothes as they were almost 10lbs each !!)
    Might be worh buying from Ebay...theres almost always clothes there that the babies never got to wear???

    I have just found this site that might be of interest to you??
    They have some really cheap items eg....
    fleece blankets £2.86
    4 bodysuits £3.45
    and a little boys outfit £4.36
    Hope this helps??

    I have some cot sheets and blankets, etc which I was going to put on ebay as they are in very good condition. If you want them you are welcome to them, I won't be needing them again, lol . I can pm some pictures if you want.

    If you don't want them thats fine as I know some people like to buy new.

    tescos is great and ebay you might have a local shop that you can buy second hand good quality stuff from
    i used ebay tescos peacocks etc asdas good

    Original Poster

    Wow! Thanks everyone!

    nik2xtreme, you deserve an award. I am finding the prospect of 1 terrifying! I haven't bought much in newborn sizes as all of the babies in our family have been fairly hefty (bad news for me!).

    fireheaven, thanks for the offer of cot sheets but my mother has conveniently bought an incredbly large cot... and a ton of sheets to go with it!

    And I hadn't thought of Woolies...

    No problems Fluff. Good luck with the new arrival and post some pics when he arrives.

    All the best

    Apparently Ethel Austen Has Some Great Buys On Babys Clothes - I Wish I'd Have Know When I Had My Daughter!!!

    Original Poster


    Apparently Ethel Austen Has Some Great Buys On Babys Clothes - I Wish I'd … Apparently Ethel Austen Has Some Great Buys On Babys Clothes - I Wish I'd Have Know When I Had My Daughter!!!

    I don't think we've got one close. I did have a look in QS and that was dire...

    I know it means waiting a while, but the Next summer sale (July) is normally pretty good as their clothes come down to half price, so you are getting good quality that you can sell on ebay once you are done with them.


    £5.00 + Free Del (£8.45 in total) No minimum spend HURRY WHILE ITS THERE @ La Redoute.....Have a look in the sale or clearance section ...Free clothes

    my folks go round car boots, and theres normally always baby clothes there for like 50p an item! if theres any near you then its maybe worth a look....

    o and congrats!

    next clearence stores one at lakeside and gunwarf

    My missus always turns up cheap baby clothes. You've just got to look in the bargain rails and see what seems cheap. And plan ahead. 6 months will fly by so if you see something for aged 6 months then buy it now. Similarly plan ahead as far as you can and buy 1 and 2 year old stuff. Only stuff that you can't plan for are shoes. H&M Kids and Tescos are cheap.

    Hi Fluff....congrats to you and thanks for thinking I need an award LOL
    Its not as bad as it sounds having 8....its WORSE !!
    Good luck in your search....I would offer some unworn clothes but.........?????

    Vertebaudet were great with the codes on here
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