cheap basic digital camera and cheap memory card/flash stick.

    im looking for a cheap basic digital camera around 8mgp must be quite basic as its for my gran and she will struggle to use it if its to fancy.

    also looking for a cheap memory card or flash stick (4-8gb) ive seen the morrisons deal but mine never has them in.


    rep waiting for anyone that helps


    Here you go -…tml


    A great camera for a very good price (£69.99 including delivery) from a manufacturer with an excellent reputation for not producing any rubbish. It has an (if you'll pardon me) 'idiot' mode that lets you get great results from the box. I know that works because I gave my wife an FX series Panasonic with the same mode last Christmas and she got great results instantly. There's other stuff on it too once a bit of confidence sets in.

    The camera runs on AA batteries, not my preferred choice but very good for the occasional photographer as they're available everywhere.

    Park Cameras are a very good photo goods retailer in Sussex but, obviously, do mail order anywhere; they've been around for donkeys years.

    And, for the memory, a very good deal is available here -…1-2 - £10.79 delivered for a 4GB Sandisk Ultra II Type 4 SDHC card is very good indeed and it'll be an absolute age before you need to worry about running out of space with this size of card (unless you're shutter happy that is!).

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    rep given,

    still looking for a camera the sight given wont load up.

    Try it again, it works perfectly here.

    not sure how cheap u want it, but some clearance digital cameras with opt zoom from about 20 to 30 quid…tml
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