Cheap Basic gaming PC

Found 24th Jul
I am looking at getting a cheap PC setup to use for virtual cycling apps (thinking BKool rather than Zwift) and maybe the occasional bit of PC gaming on lower settings.

An option I am looking at is buying a office refurb (HP 800 G1 Elitedesk) which has 8gb ram and a fourth gen i5 (4570 3.2Ghz) for about £130 and then buying a GTX650 (2gb) card to get a build for around £200 (would also transfer an SSD I have in another computer). I would look to then use either an HD TV or a cheap monitor.

Has anyone else undertaken a similar project or are there any better options I should consider as most of the off the shelf options on Ebay for "gaming PC's" seem overpriced?
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I wouldn't go below a GTX 750ti
Cheap or gaming choose one lol
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