Cheap bedroom furniture

    On the lookout for the cheapest possible bedroom furniture.

    Need a wardrobe, drawers and bedside table. Any colour will do, just need it to be fairly cheap.


    Have you tried freecycle? You can join a local group based on your location and members post things that they don't want anymore, or you can post wants. Mostly it's OK stuff and it is free (can't get cheaper than that). Near me there is a furniture recycling charity they accept donations and then sell it on cheap. It is always good quality - maybe there's one near you? Or did you men new stuff?

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    Yeah I was thinking more brand new, but second hand if they are modern. I know about Free cycle but doubt I would get £100 - £150 worth of pne style furniture for nothing.

    That stuff at Argos would have been perfect, but it looks like they are all sold out in my area.

    Thanks again both of you for the help.

    try cdiscount you can also pay in 3 installments

    also try the dreaded 'ebay' as I have seen sets go for £40-£50

    Gumtree is another

    Good Luck
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