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Found 15th Apr 2007
Hi guys,

I need to buy enough beer/wine/spirits for a family event (150 people). Is there anywhere online that is cheap? I would need it delivered preferably.

I read somewhere that places in Calais now deliver to the UK is that true?

I would think this should work out cheaper than driving there to pick it up?

Either that or a cheap place over here.

Any help reccommended:thumbsup:
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If you are buying for 150...and of course depending on their consumption..I would have thought a trip to France worthwhile...particularly if you can get a cheap day return ferry crossing.

The onlyway to get cheap booze over here is to stock up when supermarets have special offers..there have been some really good multi pack lager/beer deals ..no doubt some will be able to direct you to them...as for Champers they have some good offers in Majestic so take a look at their website ]majestic.co.uk
Thanks for the replies currychops:thumbsup:

Anymore advice also welcomed:)
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