Cheap Bicycle Tyres?

    Please could you recommend somewhere I could get cheap bicycle tyres, Thanks!

    I was given a cheap (old and bullet proof almost a wrist snapper with no suspension though!) bike and forgot how much fun it is sliding about and general pratting around (aswell as getting to the shops with mins!)

    Don't need anything special, I'll probably be looking in Wilkinsons tommorow to.



    i'd check out ribble cycles or, they sometimes have packs with 2x tyres and 2 x inners
    i'm a semi retired cyclist so if you need any advice on type of tyre etc then feel free to pm me


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    Thanks, They look quite cheap, I'll have a look in Wilkinsons tommorow, Hopefully the tyres aren't like their brakes, Didn't stop in the rain at all!!!!

    i know at my work, i have some old stock tyres at around £2-3. maybe your local Halfords will have some too.

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    Don't have a Halfords, Bit of a bummer, £2-3! sounds good!

    Presuming its standard 26'' wheels you have ?.Cheapest ive found from an online store is £9.95 each delivered from Chain Reaction Cycles (Probably a bit more than you wanted to pay):


    A seller on eBay has a pair of new budget tyres £12.99 delivered:


    Maybe worth considering If you have no luck tomorrow.Hope this helps.

    Hi pete_21 and Welcome to the forums!!! We do not allow links to ebay sellers here though...

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    Thanks for the help, I saw the ones on Ebay, They do seem quite cheap!

    The tyres say "26, 1.96"

    The actual size of the rim seems to be 22-23 inchs!, I would assume its a 24 inch tyre i need even though it says 26 on the original tyres?

    If your running 26'' tyres now thats the size you'll need mate.24'' are mainly for smaller (kids style) bikes and BMX's.Just measured the wheels on one of my bikes that uses 26'' tyres (Most Mountain bike style do) and the diameter measured diagonally across the wheel itself is 22''.The 1.96 refers (in inches to the width of the tyre),Around 2 inches is about normal,wouldn't go much wider.I do XC riding I only use 26''x 2.1'' for that.Sorry bout posting the eBay link.I knew links in the main forum were not allowed but could'nt see anything bout not posting them here.Apologise for that.

    wilkinsons have them for under 2 pound

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    Thanks very much Pete, Looks like they are 26" tyres then, I think i'll

    With Ebay links, You're only allowed to post the Item number, Not a link.

    Rep added to everyone who helped, Thanks all.

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    Had a look in Wilkos, 3-4 quid but no 26's left, Don't know when they'll be getting them in.

    Looks like the internet then!

    Oh and while trying to destroy the back tyre (because it needs replacing anyway), I managed to blow up the inner tube, So i need one of them to!!
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