Cheap bike storage options?

Found 11th Dec 2017
Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on how i can store my road bike at home?

Its not a particularly expensive bike, however i havent really got the space inside the home to store it anywhere.

I have a garden which I could potentially put a shed or storage box there if anyone recommends a pretty cheap one (or alternative?).

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I always thought the bike ceiling mounts were quite a good way to save space…F8K
Hi @Adao

I'm no expert on this topic, but from reading your message I have thought of a great idea.

I would highly recommend going onto Gumtree Freebies or Freecycle sites, perhaps someone in your area maybe giving some things out. I've seen sheds, storage solutions every now and again on these sites. Worth giving it a try!

I hope this helps!

6x4 shed is the most obvious answer as anything smaller and you would have to remove the front wheel to get it in there, If money is tight then another option is to get some pallets from a local factory, most are happy to off load them for free, then you could build a lean to shelter as the main thing is to keep the rain of it, so as long as theft is not a risk then it would not need a front, just the roof and sides, the back being either your home or fence for example.
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Something like this, it's quite expensive but you may be able to source a second hand one, or a cheaper one…BwE
Depends how much you want to spend and whether or not you have space to put this in the garden somewhere that's flat enough.…6YW

We have one of these, on our old shed base and it's great. Fits all our bikes in along with the roof bars and bike racks as long as I park them carefully
One or two good solid anchor points (similar to those used for motorbikes (example only)

One or two good bike locking chains (example only)

Thick plastic sheeting or tarpaulin (available from most DIY stores)

If in high risk area/expensive bike - I'd go for double
If not high risk/cheap bike - just one of each of the above will do but take off front wheel and secure with rear/frame and remove saddle

Maybe also give a light dusting of some WD40 or similar (except on wheel rims/tyres etc) to give added protection from weather
Thanks for the comments all!

I'll have a look at the options and see what i can find!

Ideally i think i'd prefer a shed/storage option so i could potentially lock it away.
Adao2 h, 54 m ago

Thanks for the comments all!I'll have a look at the options and see what i …Thanks for the comments all!I'll have a look at the options and see what i can find!Ideally i think i'd prefer a shed/storage option so i could potentially lock it away.

Having a shed/outside storage (those plastic storage bins) will not matter much to the general scum who want to nick bikes/other items. The only deterrents are

Not having something worth nicking
Good strong security
If you are in a high crime area and would worry about leaving your bike outside even in a shed consider getting a folding bike. They can normally be stored inside at home and at some workplaces. Their easily adjustable sizing means they can be used by other members of the family too and easily transported in a car. Lots of benefits. As for costs selling your existing bike and swopping over to a folding bike but not having to buy a shed could be the cheaper option especially if you don't really need a shed for other uses and you won't have to spend money on shed locks or painting the shed every other year. Might be worth a test ride on a folding bike to see what you think.
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