cheap BLU-RAY films please

    hi all just got myself a PS3 and want to know where you can get cheap films from thanks

    O can you play HD films in the PS3



    Try [url][/url] to search for cheap blu-ray discs

    [url][/url] have some on buy one get one free, but you have to watch the customs on them apparently.

    hope this helps


    O can you play HD films in the PS3

    Please tell me this is a joke...
    HD = High Definition... Bluray is High Definition...
    If you mean HD-DVD then nope...

    Original Poster

    no not nent as a joke

    HD-dvd so you carn't play on ps3

    thanks for ya replys

    try morrisons as they are pretty cheap. for dvds and blu rays. instore only though.

    Original Poster

    will have a look tomorrow when i go shopping

    been looking around this site and some people managed to pick up spiderman 1/2/3 on blueray for around £20 with codes the offer is over now but does any 1 knoe of any where i can get such a deal from with spiderman 1/2/3 on blueray

    most places are about £27


    You could try [url][/url] and filter your search to region free blu-ray. They occasionally have great bargains. Prices start from £9.99.

    Original Poster

    thanks for the tip try now

    Go to


    A price comparison site so might find what your looking for.
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