cheap blu-ray player

Hello does anyone know of any cheap blu-ray player deals going at the moment. it doesnt have to be top spech or anything like that - just cheap and cheerful, my old man has a HD tv but has never watch anything on blu-ray onit so thought i would get him a player for chrismas with a few disc to set him off. the deal that adsa have on would have been perfect but cant ever seem to get it on line and i dont have an asda store that close to me.


cheers for any help.


I'll watch this thread as I want to do the same but, i'm not very techy so not sure what i'm looking for really. Not fussed about all the internet bits though just want it to play blu-rays lol

Try Asda they have a great LG Blu-Ray
with 3 free movies included for 87.00.
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