Cheap Bluetooth Headphones

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Cheap Bluetooth Headphones

:? Wanted / lost / needed or For sale ???????????????????:? a vague clue may help us to help you :roll:

Do you mean bluetooth headset or headphones?


Do you mean bluetooth headset or headphones?

Mine are both by the way OP . . . . . . . . . :-D

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headphones guys

thanks for replies so far

Many of thse sets about are very poor quality, I should know I've used my fair share. It really depends on how much you want to spend and the type of style you want. Sony's new set are good for about £40 but the best I've used are:


They probably cost more than you're willing to spend though so these are a good alternative:


Finally if you don't care about sound quality and just the price there are always these (I've not tried them):


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Cheers for the replies!

partner has the motorola-they were more expensive when i got them-he hasnt had a problem and they are good and clear sound. Cheap too!!


headphones guysthanks for replies so far

i have a jabra 325s - new and unused. bought from play.com a while back £13 del. via BT ? paypal 'limit reached'. :thumbsup:
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