Cheap Bluray ROM drive

Posted 21st Apr
Anyone know where I can pick one up (new) on the cheap? And why are internal ones way more expensive than external?
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I am not sure these days where you can get one new cheaply. I gather that internal ones are way more expensive these days due to both lack of sales/demand for optical drives, a trend which is going with many a PC case not having 5.25 inch fascia bays for installation of such.

In my new build PC recycling parts from my old one I have had to install a SATA/Power plate due to not having a USB external Blu Ray Writer and wanting to utilise my existing one.

Just search for the appropriate terms - "usb bluray drive" if you want an external one, "sata bluray drive" if you want an internal. I'd definitely suggest going with external over internal - you'll probably lose a little performance, but it's worth it for the convenience of having the drive to hand, rather than built into your PC's chassis.
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