cheap books?

    Im after a bunch of books, the cheapest I can get them as quite skint right now!!

    Anyone know any good book or comparison sites please??


    what sort of books are you looking for? fiction, sci-fi / fantasy, non-fiction, educational, biographies / autobiographies etc. etc.?

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    At the min looking for some of Robin Hobb's, (so sci fi) specifically the third in the soldier son trilogy and and entire assassins apprentice series. They all seem to be about £6 each and was hoping to get them cheaper!

    Thanks for any help for a girl im sometimes not too good at bargain hunting!!

    Try ]Biblio or ]uwish or fleabay

    The book people are very cheap. I got my brothers robin hobb books from amazon


    Hi the best comparison site i have found is

    The reason it’s so good is that it automatically calculates the price including delivery - so you don’t get any nasty surprises! Just find the isbn from Amazon or somewhere - cut and paste it in the top and away you go!

    also, ty the title, as it will show different editions - but check both as sometimes the hasrd backs are cheaper - just depends.

    Hope this is of some help - enjoy,
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