Cheap Broaband Only advice needed?

    Hi All,

    I currently have my BT line rental paid upfront (£120 for 12 months) and stuck in a contract for anytime landline calls (£5 per month - 3 months free) also with BT.

    I am now after a Broadband only package for the house? i am struggling to find any cheap one's, best deal so far looks like Sky broaband £15 per month...

    Can anyone better this??

    So I have line rental and calls, just need broabdand! Preferably fast and unlimited for all my online PS3 needs...

    Cheers all!!!


    Have you looked at Virgin Media? It may not be any cheaper, but as it is cable broadband it is a lot better than ADSL broadband over the phone line.

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    virgin media is really expensive :-(

    dont go with orange - very slow although they are cheap with good cashback

    They might not be cabled, r u ??



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    o2 doesnt work for me playing FIFA online, so cant go with o2...
    Be are quite expensive.

    im running out of options!

    bung your postcode into sam knows to see who does llu in your area and take it from there.

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    tried that thanks, same providers as i have already tried.
    think i will stick to sky broadband

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    I maganaged to get a good deal with Plus Net by ringing up and haggling.

    Got Plus Net extra, speed- up to 20mb, download limit - up to 60 gb.
    11.49 x 9 months
    3 months free
    initial set up costs fee waived
    £5 delivery charge of router.

    So total works out at £9.03 per month.

    I think its not a bad deal
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