Cheap broadband deals for the elderly??

    I was wondering if there where any such deals? My nan has recently been cut off from Sky after missing a payment by 2 days (after 20+ years of subscription) and feels a bit let down by them and now wants to just get a freeview box. Of course that means she loses the internet they provide. Does anyone know of any??


    Talktalks £3.50 deal

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    Talktalks £3.50 deal

    yeh looks like that mite be the best option atm. Cheers for your input.

    Have been looking for something similar for a disabled relative.

    Good deal with Talk Talk but you need to include the £12 something monthly line rental fee. This takes it to over £15 per month. Still cheaper than most but I was hoping for total cost about £10 per month, that is what they can afford

    Looking at simple dongle options for the moment

    Here is best place to compare all the options…and

    pay as you go BT? used to be a penny a min.
    dial up tho
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    dont go with talktalk they are an absolute nightmare.…XYw
    my mum has BT and never had a problem with them, she's got her broadband in with her phone and pays £25 a month i think. so it might be worth a call to whoever her phone provider is

    You won't get less than £10 for line rental + broadband!


    You won't get less than £10 for line rental + broadband!

    This man speaks the truth.

    BT option,

    No connection charge.
    Line rental £10 a month (Have to pay £120 in advance to cover the 12 months)
    Anytime landline calls and Broadband £16 a month (first 3 months free saving £48)
    18 month contract
    Quidco £65

    £10 a month line rental for 12 months and then 6 months at (£13.29) £199.74
    Broadband and anytime calls £16 for 18 months (£288) minus the 3 months free credit (£48) £240
    £240 + £199.74 = £439.74 then subtract the £65 quidco = £374.74
    Divide that by the 18 month contract
    Free connection, line and broadband with anytime calls = £20.81 per month

    They don't need TV or even a landline phone anymore, so looking at good dongle options instead. Maybe more flexibility oO
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